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Women Development Cell

Women Development Cell

Name of the Event / workshop


Celebrating Women’s Day at LLIM: Empowerment, Recognition, and Reflection



Date and Time




7th March, 2024

2:00 PM onwards





Seminar Hall, Room  No. 610, LLIM



Faculty In charge



Dr. Neetu Singhwal and Prof. Nitu Nair

Resource Person

Mrs. Moneka Ingle: A multifaceted expert in tarot card reading, Gestalt therapy, NLP, mindfulness coaching, happiness coaching, emotional intelligence, ancient Indian culture, mythology, and Kriya Yoga





















Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management (LLIM) celebrated International Women’s Day with a range of activities aimed at recognizing the achievements of women, fostering empowerment, and promoting gender equality. The event served as a platform to honour the contributions of women in various spheres of life and to reflect on the challenges they continue to face in achieving parity.

Mrs. Moneka Ingle, engaged in thought-provoking discussion on balancing life, and how to overcome the limiting beliefs. Dialogues offering insights and strategies for promoting a balanced life was shared.

Artistic expressions celebrating womanhood were showcased, featuring photographs, songs, and performances by students. These exhibitions provided a platform for creative expression and facilitated conversations on gender, identity, and societal perceptions.

The Women’s Day celebration at LLIM was a resounding success, uniting the community in a shared commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment. Through a diverse range of activities, the event not only celebrated the achievements of women but also served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue, advocacy, and action towards building a more inclusive and equitable society. As LLIM continues its journey towards fostering diversity and inclusion, events like these play a crucial role in inspiring positive change and creating a brighter future for all.





Women Development Cell

A session on Menstrual Hygiene and Personality Development.

Date : 09th December 2023

Event Overview

The Menstrual Hygiene and Personality Development session, organized by Brandtouch Analytics India Pvt. Ltd. in association with P&G and global brands like Whisper, and Gillette Venus, took place on 9 th December, 2023 at Seminar Hall . Facilitated by the Placement Committee, the session commenced at 1:00 pm and featured guest speaker Miss Kanchan Patil.

Guest Speaker: Miss Kanchan Patil:

Miss Kanchan Patil, an expert in Personality Development and Menstrual Hygiene, led the session with charisma and expertise. Drawing on her experience, she guided attendees through various Personality Development skills, offering valuable insights and practical tips. Her engaging presentation style fostered a positive and interactive learning environment.

Session Highlights:

1. Personality Development Skills: Miss Patil delved into various aspects of Personality Development, covering communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and self-confidence. Interactive activities and real-life examples were incorporated to make the learning experience impactful and relatable.

2. Menstrual Hygiene Tips: The session seamlessly transitioned to the essential topic of Menstrual Hygiene. Miss Patil provided comprehensive information, debunked myths, and shared practical tips to promote a healthy and hygienic lifestyle during menstruation. The session aimed not only at dispelling taboos but also at empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being

3. Gift Hampers from P&G, Whisper and Gillette Venus: As a gesture of appreciation and support, P&G, Whisper, and Gillette Venus generously provided gift hampers for all attendees. These hampers included a range of products aimed at promoting personal care, hygiene, and well-being. This added a tangible and memorable element to the session, leaving participants with practical resources to implement the knowledge gained.

Participant Feedback:

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the valuable insights provided during the session. The interactive nature of the event and the thoughtful inclusion of gift hampers were particularly highlighted in the feedback.


The collaborative effort between Brandtouch Analytics India Pvt. Ltd. in association with P&G and global brands like Whisper, and Gillette Venus resulted in a highly successful Menstrual Hygiene and Personality Development session. Miss Kanchan Patil’s expertise, coupled with the support from renowned brands, created an impactful learning experience. The Placement Committee played a crucial role in orchestrating an event that not only educated but also empowered participants, contributing to their overall personal and professional growth. The inclusion of gift hampers further reinforced the commitment to the well-being and development of the attendees

Women Development Cell

Report of Self Defence Training
Date : 15th FEBRUARY 2022
Women Development Cell-2022

A Training session on Self Defence was organized for girl students by the Women Development Cell on 15 February 16, 2022 in the Institute’s Seminar Hall from 10.45 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Prof.Anusha Patil welcomed the gathering and introduced the trainer Mr. Rajendran Nair.Mr.Nair taught hand combat, kick boxing techniques for the girl students .The participants expressed their gratitude and requested for more of such training which will help them to face life situations with more grit. Prof.Neetu Singhwal proposed the vote of thanks.

Prof.Anusha Patil – WDC Convener
Prof.Neetu Singhwal – Member
Dr.Kinjal Shah – Member

Self Defence Workshop

Date : 7th February 2019 Resource
Person: Mr. Rajendran Nair

The Women Development Cell organized a self-defense workshop for the girls. The workshop was conducted by Mr Rajendran Nair, Head- Admin and Corporate Relations (TPTCL). He has trained over 7,000 security officers attached to Mumbai Police, Pune Police, Govt. Railway Police, Maharashtra Police, Border Security Force, CISF Airport Security, Commando Units and Vital Installation Security including Mantralaya and Vidhan Bhavan security in Mumbai. Also trained security personnel in various installation of Tata Power.

He has a rich experience of training in colleges and teaching staff in Noida and trained over 2000 women employees covering over 25 Hotels of Taj Group across India.

His practical training to the students giving them the confidence of self defence and strength was exceptional. Students were elated with the workshop and were ready to take on any challenge in front of them. We look forward for many more workshops from him.

Poster and Essay Competition

JUDGES: Mrs. Asha Agrawal, Student counselor, LLIM, Dr. Bina Gupta, Prof Anusha Patil
Date: JANUARY 2019
The WDC organized a poster and essay competition for students towards awareness of women empowerment. The topics for the
competition were
Power Empowerment
Changing role of girl child
Me too campaign
Importance of work life balance

The students enthusiastically took part in the ongoing competitions and presented innovative posters and ideas showcasing the above mentioned topics. The inhouse competition was well appreciated by students and management.

Recognition of Women Achievers and Self Defence

Invitees: Mrs. Asha Agrawal, Student Counselor, LLIM
Mrs. Kanchan Pamnani, Solicitor, Bombay High Court
Mrs. Megha Vora, CEO , Akshay Kumar’s Self defence Academy for Women
Date : 8th MARCH 2018

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, The Women Development Cell organized a felicitation program of Women achievers followed by a short self defense workshop.

Ms. Kanchan Pamnani is a Solicitor mainly practicing in the Bombay High Court and has appeared in the Supreme Court of India and other Courts. Although she is visually disabled, She made it her strength, standing as a motivation for thousands of women At various seminars and conferences nationally and internationally, Kanchan has presented papers on corporate law, human rights, women’s rights and disability. She is the recipient in 2009 of the National Award as Role Model from the President of India,. Currently she is on the Board of CREA an international feminist human rights organisation. She is a voracious reader, enjoys swimming, photography and traveling.

Dr. Asha Agarwal was also felicitated on the occasion of women’s day for triumphing over all her setbacks and completing her PhD from the University of Mumbai in the area of Management Studies.

Mrs. Megha vora, enthralled the students with her journey of becoming an entrepreneur championing the cause of safety and self defence of women. She with the help of Mr. Akshay Kumar has set up the Academy which trains women to be strong and self dependent.

It was a lovely gathering and it was amazing listening to the speakers and their journey to fame. Their contribution towards the society inspite their personal challenges really proved the strength of women in the modern age.