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Gillette Seminar

Gillette Seminar

Name of the Event: Gillette Seminar

Resource Person: Mr. Tarun Naresh Dehalvi

Date: 1 Day -(23 December, 2023), 1 Hour -(1.00 PM to 2:00 PM)

Faculty Charge: Dr. Suresh Suvarna. Under the able guidance of our Director, Dr. H. J. Bhasin

Description: Topic Covered

1. Men’s Hygiene: The seminar commenced with a masterful exposition by Mr. Dehalvi on the pivotal role of men’s hygiene. In a riveting session, he dissected the nuances of personal cleanliness, elucidating how meticulous hygiene forms the bedrock of a confident and well-groomed persona

2. Grooming Practices: Transitioning seamlessly, the speaker delved into the avant-garde grooming practices, unraveling the intricacies of contemporary trends. Participants were treated to a panoramic view of grooming as an art form, transcending mere routine into a dynamic expression of individuality.

3. Shaving Techniques: The discourse then delved into the fine art of shaving. Mr. Dehalvi, with his unparalleled expertise, not only addressed the technicalities but also demystified the challenges, presenting a comprehensive guide to achieving a flawless and professional shave.

4. Personality Development:In a paradigm-shifting segment, the audience was ushered into the realm of personality development. Mr. Dehalvi’s sagacious insights illuminated the path to building confidence, honing communication skills, and navigating the intricate landscapes of professional and personal growth.

5. Creating a Lasting First Impression: The crescendo of the seminar resonated with an exploration of the elusive art of creating a lasting first impression. Participants were treated to practical strategies and real-world anecdotes, empowering them to navigate interviews, networking events, and diverse professional encounters with finesse.

6. Interactive Session: The grand finale took the form of a dynamic interactive session, transcending the conventional boundaries of seminars. Students, inspired by Mr. Dehalvi’s wisdom, shared their personal grooming stories and challenges, creating a collective narrative of growth and self-discovery.

Participants Description: Placement Head Dr. Suresh Suvarna, Prof. Makarand Thakoor, Dr. Pramod Nandardhane, Dr. Kiran Kakde, Prof. Gagan Bhatia, Dr. A. Balasubramanian, Prof. N. Balasubramanian, MMS Non-Teaching Staff, MMS FY. Placement Committee, 150 FY MMS Students In the tapestry of academic events, the Gillette Men’s Grooming and Personality Development Seminar emerges as a resplendent masterpiece. The synthesis of visionary organization, erudite discourse by Mr. Tarun Naresh Dehalvi, and active participation of the students rendered this event a monumental success. The LLIM Placement Committee, Brandtouch India Analytics Pvt Ltd., and P&G, united in purpose, not only disseminated knowledge but sowed the seeds of inspiration and transformation. As the echoes of this seminar reverberate through the hallowed corridors of LLIM, the organizers stand poised for an encore, cognizant that this event was not just a seminar; it was a seminal chapter in the ongoing saga of grooming, development, and empowerment.

Dr. Suresh Suvarna – Program Coordinator