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Academic Development


Sr. No.MonthDate Day Activity
1July 2-7-2018MondayMMS Semester-III Lecture Begins
2July 16-7-2018MondaySummer Project Submission of MMS Semester-III
3August2-8-2018ThursdayMMS Sem I Regular Lectures Begins
4August20-8-2018MondayMMS Semester-I Induction Program
5August 29-08-2018SaturdayNational Seminar of HR Department 
6September 13/09/2018 to 17/09/2022 Ganpati Break
7October 13-10-2018SaturdayNational Seminar of Finance Department 
8October 20-10-2018SaturdaySynergy 2018
9November01/11/2018 To 10/11/2018Thursday    to     SaturdayMMS Semester-III Preparatory Leave
10November12/11/2018 to 20/11/2018Monday to TuesdayMMS Semester-III Semester End Examination Internal
11November28-11-2018WednesdayMMS Semester-III Semester End Examination University
12November27-11-2018TuesdayMMS Semester-III Semester ATKT Exam
13November17-11-2018Saturday MMS Sem III Summer Project Viva Voce
14November19/11/2018 to 23/11/2018Monday       to          FridayMMS Semester-I Preparatory Leave
15December 8-12-2018MondayMMS Semester-III End of Sessions
16December 8-12-2018MondayMMS Semester-I End of Sessions
17December 24/11/2018 to 05/12/2018Saturday    to WednesdayMMS Semester-I Semester End Examination
18December   Winter Break
19December 31-12-2018MondayResult Declaration of MMS I Sem I 
20January 2-1-2019WednesdayMMS Sem IV Lecture begins
21January 2-1-2019WednesdayMMS Sem II Lecture starts
22January 22-01-2019TuesdayResult Declaration of MMS I  Sem I Revaluation 
23January 19-01-2019SaturdayNational Seminar on ” Digital India for Agricultural and Rural Developement Scope and Limitations
24February02/02/2018 to 10/02/2018Friday to SaturdaySupplementary Exam  MMS I Sem – I
26February21-02-2019ThursdayManagement Development Programme-Digital Marketing
27March 09-03-2019SaturdayFaculty Development Programme
28March 19-03-2019TuesdayFaculty Development Programme
29March 07-03-2019ThursdayResult Declaration of MMS I  Sem I Supplimentary Exam
30March 16-03-2019SaturdayNational Seminar on ” Marketing to Millenials: Strategies and Challenges
31April10-4-2019WednesdaySyllabus completion for sem IV
32April15-4-2019MondayMMS Semester-IV Semester End Examination
33April15-4-2019MondaySyllabus completion for sem II 
34April22/04/2019 to 04/05/22019Monday       to               SaturdayMMS Semester-II Semester End Examination
35May  MMS SEM-II Lecture End
Sr. No.MonthDate Day Activity
1July 1-7-2019MondayMMS Semester-III Lecture Begins
2July 05-07-2019FridayResult Declaration of MMS II
3July 16-7-2019TuesdaySummer Project Submission of MMS Semester-III
4August6-8-2019TuesdayResult Declaration of MMS I Sem II Revaluation 
5August19/8/2019 to 28/08/2019Monday to Wednesday Supplementary Exam  MMS I Sem – II ( Ist Exam) 
6August31-8-2019SaturdayResult Declaration of MMS I  Sem II Supplementary Exam
7August31-8-2019SaturdayGrooming Course -Circle of Success
8August  Supplementary Exam  MMS I Sem – II (IInd Exam)
9September 04-09-2019Wednesday  Grooming Course-Emergence from the Future
10September 08/09/2019 to 12/09/2019Sunday to Thursday  Grooming Course-Investments 
11September 23/09/2019 to 27/09/2019Monday to Friday  Grooming Course-Campus to Corporate 
12September 26/09/2019 to 29/09/2019Thursday to SaturdayGrooming Course -Advance Excel
13September 26-9-2019ThursdayResult Declaration of MMS I  Sem II Supplementary Exam
14September 25-9-2019WednesdayMMS Semester-I Induction Program
15September 26-9-2019ThursdayMMS Sem I Regular Lectures Begins
16September 28-09-2019SaturdayFaculty Development Programme 
17October   Ganpati Break
18October 12-10-2019SaturdayNational Seminar on ” Integrated Approach to Stockholders Behaviour and Factors affecting investment decisions
19November25/10/2019 To 03/11/2019Friday         to        SundayMMS Semester-III Preparatory Leave
20November04/11/2019 to 14/11/2019Monday       to     ThursdayMMS Semester-III Semester End Internal Examination 
21November28-11-2019November MMS Semester-III Semester End University Examination 
22November25-11-2019MondayMMS Sem III Summer Project Viva Voce
23November25/11/2019 to 01/12/2019Monday             to               SundayMMS Semester-I Preparatory Leave
24December 02/12/2019 to 10/12/2019Monday      to        TuesdayMMS Semester-I Semester End Examination
25December 7-12-2019SaturdayMMS Semester-III End of Sessions
26December 7-12-2019SaturdayMMS Semester-I End of Sessions
27December   Winter Break
28December 05/12/2019 to 06/12/2019 Thursday to FridayMMS Semester-III Semester ATKT Exam
29January 2-1-2020ThursdayMMS Sem IV Lecture begins
30January 2-1-2020ThursdayMMS Sem II Lecture starts
31January 06-01-2020MondayResult Declaration of MMS I Sem I
32January 11-01-2020SaturdayConvocation
33January 14-01-2020Tuesday Result Declaration of MMS II, Sem III 
34January 24-01-2020FridayResult  Declaration of MMS I Sem I Revaluation
35January 17/02/2020 to 27/02/2020Monday to ThursdaySupplementary Exam Sem – I
36January 18-01-2020SaturdayNational Seminar on ” Technology Infrastructure as a Catalyst Agent for eradicationg rural poverty”
37February17/02/2020 to 27/02/2020Monday to ThursdaySupplementary Exam  MMS I Sem – I
38February08-02-2020SaturdayNational Seminar on ” Value Creation through Leadership”
39February25-02-2020TuesdayManagement Development Programme  
40February  convocation
41February28-02-2020FridayManagement Development Programme 
42March 07-03-2020SaturdayResult Declaration of MMS II Semester III Revaluation 
43March 05-03-2020ThursdayResult Declaration of MMS I Semester I Supplimentary  
44March 12-03-2020ThursdayNational Seminar  on ” Value Driven Marketing: Challenges and Oppurtunities”
45April10-4-2020MondaySyllabus completion for sem IV
46April13-4-2020MondayMMS Semester-IV Semester End Internal Examination
47April  Syllabus completion for sem II
48May29-05-2020FridayFaculty Development Programme 
49May   MMS SEM-II Lecture End
50June22-06-2020 Result Declaration of MMS – I Sem II 
Sr. No.MonthDate Day Activity
1August7-8-2020FridayMMS Semester-III Lecture Begins
2August17-8-2020MondaySummer Project Submission of MMS Semester-III
3September 25-9-2020FridayMMS II Sem III ATKT University Exam of Strategic Managment
4October 3-10-2020MondayMMS II Sem IV Online exam of University paper Project Management
5November9-11-2020MondayResult Declared of MMS II Sem IV
6November25/11/2020 to 30/11/2020Wednesday to                 MondayMMS Semester-III Preparatory Leave
7   MMS Sem III Summer Project Viva Voce
8November07-11-2020SaturdayResult Declaration of MMS II Sem III Reexam
9December 01/12/2020 to 08/12/2020Tuesday to TuesdayMMS Semester-III Semester End Internal Examination
10December 21-12-2020MondayMMS II Sem III University Exam of Strategic Managment
11December 21/12/2020 to 30/12/2020Monday to Wednesday MMS Semester-III End of Sessions
12December 31-12-2020ThursdayWinter Break
13December   MMS Sem IV Lecture begins
14January 1-1-2021FridayMMS Sem II Lecture starts
15January 1-1-2021FridayMMS Semester-I Induction Program
16January 16-1-2021SaturdayMMS Sem I Regular Lectures Begins
17January 18-1-2021MondayResult Declaration of MMS I
18March 06-03-2021SaturdayConvocation
19March 07/03/2021 to 28/03/2021Sunday to SundayGrooming Session-Investments 
20March 15/03/2021 to 30/03/2021SaturdayGrooming Session-Campus to Corporate , Aptitude
21April3-4-2021SaturdayNational Seminar on “Retaining Customer LoyaltY in Covid Times”
22April10-4-2021SaturdaySyllabus completion for sem IV
23April19-4-2021MondayMMS Semester-IV Semester End Internal Examination
24April15-5-2021SaturdayMMS Semester-IV Semester End University Examination
25April  Syllabus completion for sem II
26April  MMS Semester-II Semester End Examination
27May 01/05/2021 to 04/05/2021Saturday            to                TuesdayMMS Semester-I Preparatory Leave
28May03/05/2021 to 12/05/2021Wednesday to                WednesdayMMS Semester-I Semester End Examination
29May31-5-2021MondayMMS Semester-I End of Sessions
30May  Result Declaration of MMS II
31May31-5-2021MondayMMS Semester-II Semester End Examination
32May  MMS SEM-II Lecture End
33June03-06-2021ThursdayResult Declaration of MMS I Sem II
34June19-06-2021Saturday Faculty Development Programme
35June24-06-2021ThursdayResult Declaration of MMS II Sem IV
36June26-06-2021Saturday Faculty Development Programme by HR Department
Sr. No.MonthDate Day Activity
1July 01-07-2021ThursdayMMS Sem II lectures Begins
2July 08/07/2021 to 10/07/2021Thursday to SaturdayGuest Lecture of Law
3July 17-07-2021SaturdayFaculty Development Programme 
4July 31-7-2021SaturdayNational Seminar of Operations Department
5August7-8-2021SaturdayNational Seminar of Human Resources Department
6August10-08-2021Tuesday Guest Lecture of Finance Department
7August14-8-2021SaturdayNational Seminar of Finance  Department
8August21-08-2021SaturdayGuest Lecture of Finance Department
9August21-08-2021SaturdayE Commerce Certificate Oriented Short Term Course
10August28-08-2021SaturdayManagement Development Programme
11September 10/09/2022 to 14/09/2022 Ganpati Break
12September 23/09/2021 to 1/10/2021Thursday to FridayMMS Semester-II Semester End Examination
13September 24-9-2022FridayMarketing Certificate Programme  
14October 01-10-2022SaturdayResult Declration of MMS I Sem II 
15October 08/10/2022 to 09/10/2022Friday to SaturdayManagement Development Programme
16October 16-10-2021SaturdayMMS Semester-III Lecture Begins
17October 30-10-2021SaturdaySummer Project Submission of MMS Semester-III
18November  MMS Semester-III Preparatory Leave
19November12/11/2021 to 13/11/2021Friday to SaturdayCertificate Programme of Finance Department
20December 9-12-2021ThusdayMMS Semester-I Induction Program
21December 10-12-2021FridayMMS Sem I Regular Lectures Begins
22December   Winter Break
23January 01/01/2022 to 09/01/2022Saturday            to                   SundayMMS Semester-III Preparatory Leave
24January 10/01/2022 to 20/01/2022Monday               to             ThusdayMMS Semester-III Semester End Internal Examination 
25January 29-01-2022SaturdayMMS Semester-III Semester End University Examination Strategic Management 
26January 10-1-2022ThusdaySummer Project Submission of MMS Semester-III
27January 20-1-2022TusdayMMS Sem III Summer Project Viva Voce
28January 31-1-2022Monday          MMS Semester-III End of Sessions
29February1-2-2022TuesdayMMS Sem IV Lecture begins
30February05-02-2022SaturdayInternational  Conference 
31February23-02-2022WednesdayGuest Lecture of HR Department 
33March 05-03-2022SaturdayGuest Lecture of Operations Department
34March 12-03-2022SaturdayGuest Lecture of Finance Department
35March 16-03-2022WednesdayResult Declaration of MMS II Sem III
36March 26-03-2022SaturdayFaculty Development Programme by HR Department 
37March 29-03-2022TuesdayGuest Lecture of Marketing Department
38April01/04/2022 to 06/04/2022Friday                 to                   SundayMMS Semester-I Preparatory Leave
39April07/04/2022 to 19/04/2022Thusday              to             TuesdayMMS Semester-I Semester End Examination
40April20-4-2022WedMMS Semester-IV Semester End Internal Examination
41April23-05-2022MondayMMS Semester-IV Semester End University Examination
42April15-4-2022FridaySyllabus completion for sem IV
43May26-05-2022TuesdayResult Declaration of MMS- I, Sem I 
44June17/06/2022 to 18/06/2022Friday to Saturday      International Conference of HR Department
45June30-6-2022TusdayMMS Semester-I End of Sessions
Sr. No.MonthDate Day Activity
1July 1-Jul-22FridayMMS Sem II Lecture starts
2July 13-Jul-22WednesdaySustainability Virtual Field Trip organised by Coventry University UK in association with LLIM
3August7th , 21st and 28th August 2022SundayDigital Marketing Certificate Course
4August10-Aug-22WednesdayHar Ghar Titranga’ campaign on the occasion of Independence day
5September 31/08/2022 to 04/09/2022Wed- SunGanpati Break
6September 14-Sep-22WednesdayAn online workshop on ‘IPR -& Patents, Designs Filing’
7September 24-Sep-22SaturdayMMS SEM-II Lecture End
8September25/09/2022-27/09/2022Sun- TueMMS Semester-II Preparatory Leave
9October 28/09/2022 to 08/10/2022Wed- FriMMS Semester-II Semester End Internal Examination
10October 17-Oct-22MondayMMS Sem III Lecture starts
11October 24/10/2022-26/10/2022Mon- WedDiwali Holidays
12October 29/10/2022- 31/10/2022 1st CAP round for Admission
13November5-Nov-22SaturdayMMS Sem II Results Declared
14November7/11/2022- 9/11/2022 2nd  CAP round for Admission
15November15/11/2022- 17/11/2022 3rd  CAP round for Admission
16November16-Nov-22WednesdayGuest Lecture on “How to develop a Case Study and Business Plan”
17November26-Nov-22SaturdayMMS Semester-I Induction Program
18December2-Dec-22FridayGuest Lecture on Investment & Tax Planning.
19December 7-Dec-22WednesdayBlood Donation Drive
20December 10-Dec-22SaturdaySTORM Case Study Competition
21December 17-Dec-22SaturdayCompensation Training and Certification Programme
22December 17-Dec-22SaturdayGuest Lecture on Importance of Investor Behaviour in Wealth Creation
23December 19-Dec-22MondayGuest Lecture on Leveraging Technology to cope with Global Supply Chain Disruptions.
24December26-Dec-22MondayFDP on NBA process
25January 6-Jan-23FridayWorkshop on LMS
26January 10-Jan-23TuesdayBone Marrow Registry in Association with Marrow Donor Registry of India(MDRI)
27January 13-Jan-23FridayUDAAN Innovative Business Idea Competition
28January 25-Jan-23 Guest Lecture Data Analytics and Digital Data
29January 30th Jan to 7th Feb 2023 End Semester Exam of Sem III
30February11-Feb-23SaturdayNational Seminar on Financial Frauds and Anti-Money Laundering Law 
31February25-Feb-23SaturdaySynergy 2023
32March 25-Mar-23SaturdayConvocation Batch 2020-22
33March 1st March- 10th March 2023 End Semester Exam of Sem I
34March 27th & 28th MarchMonday, TuesdayE-commerce Certificate Course
35April1st April 2023SaturdayNational Seminar Customer Experience  The Next Competitive Battle Ground
36April17th April 2023MondayResult Declaration of Sem I
37April24th April- 3rd May 2023 Supplementary Exam of Sem I
38May6th May 2023 Mid Term Exam of Sem IV
39May13th May 2023 Study Tour to PIANO PRESITEL
40June14th June to 18th June 2023Wed. to Sun.FDP on Art of Writing Case Studies and Quality Research Papers
41June27th June  2023TuesdayTransforming Organisations through Proactive People Management Strategies
Sr. No.MonthDate Day Activity
1July 5-Jul-23WednesdayMMS Sem II Lecture starts
2July 31st July 2023MondayAICTE Tree Plantation drive
3July 31st July to 5th August 2023Mon- SatMid Term Exams Starts
4August1st August 2023TuesdayPoster making and Elocution Compepition observing NEP week(24th to 29th July 2023)
5August5th August 2023SaturdayGuest Lecture by IIC Committee
6August9th August 2023WednesdayOath taking Ceremony ” Panch Pran” 
7September 1st  to 6th September 2023Fri to WedMMS Semester-I Induction Program
8September 6th September 2023WednesdayBone Marrow Registry
9September 10th September 2023SundayDaawat-E-Lala
10September 11th & 18th September 2023MondayInternational Webinar on ” Panoramic view of Incredible India”
11September 16th September 2023SaturdayGuest Lecture by Finance Department
12September 19- Sep-23 to 23- Sep-23Tue- SatGanpati Break
13September25- Sep-23 to 27- Sep-23Sun- TueMMS Semester-II Preparatory Leave
14October 03- Oct- 23 to 12- Oct-23Tue- ThursMMS Semester-II Semester End Internal Examination
15October 3rd OctoberTuesdayFinancial Literacy
16October 11th October 2023WednesdayBhartiya Bhasha Utsav 2023
17October 17-Oct-23TuesdayMMS Sem III Lecture starts
18October 23rd October 2023MondayHelmet 4 Life
19October 25th October 2023WednesdayAnti- Ragging Measures and Laws
20October 25th October 2023WednesdayStudy Tour  to BSE
21October 28th October 2023SaturdayStudy Tour  to NSE
22November3rd Nov. 2023FridayBlood Donation Drive
23November3rd and 4th Nov 2023Fri- SatNational Seminar by Finance Department
24November6th Nov-9th Nov 2023Mon- Thurs.Sem I Mid Term Exams
25November12-Nov- 23 to 15- Nov-23Sun- WedDiwali Holidays
26November21st November 2023TuesdayResult Declaration of Sem II
27November29th November 2023 International Webinar on ” Communication in Cross- cultural teams”
28December2nd & 3rd December 2023Sat-SunChakravyuh- 2023
29December 15th & 16th December 2023Fri- SatFaculty Development Program
30December 22nd December 2023FridayGuest Lecture by Operation Department
31January 5th Jan to 9th Jan 2024Fri- TueSem III Mid Term Exams
32January 15th Jan to 25th Jan 2024Mon- Thurs.End Semester Exam of Sem I
33February5th- 13th Feb 2024Mon- TueEnd Semester Exam of Sem III
34March March SaturdayConvocation Batch 2021-23
35AprilAprilSaturdaySynergy 2024