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International Connect- 18 Sept 23

International Webinar On Panoramic View Of Incredible India: Gen Z Perspective



Name of Faculty Incharge :Dr. Arati Kale and Dr. Kinjal Shah

Venue: LLIM College Seminar Hall

Description: Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management in association of Academy of Science, Technology and Management, United Kingdom organized a virtual International Webinar on “PANORAMIC VIEW OF INCREDIBLE INDIA: GEN Z PERSPECTIVE” on 11th September 2023 via zoom platform. LLIM second year students presented presentation on various aspects of PESTEL of India.

“Panoramic view of Incredible India – Gen Z perspective”.

1Welcome & Introduction2.30 P.M TO 2.35.P.M
2P-Political2.35.P.M TO 2.45.P.M
3E- Economic2.45 P.M TO 3.00.P.M
4S- Social3.00 P.M TO 3.15.P.M
5T- Technology3.15 P.M TO 3.30.P.M
6E- Environmental3.30 P.M TO 3.40.P.M
7L-Legal3.40 P.M TO 3.50.P.M
8Q & A3.50 P.M TO 4.00.P.M
2P-Political1.Ease of doing business
2.Atma Nirbhar Bharat
3.Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat
4.Trade Agreements
3E- Economic1.Global manufacturing hub
2.G 20
3.SEZ/ Smart Cities
5.Startup Policy
6.Innovation Cells
4S- Social1.Divyangjan
2.LGBTQ community
3.Equal employment opportunity
4.Woman empowermen
5T- Technology1. RuPay
2.Credit Card
4.Digital Rupee
5.Telecommunication Revolutions
6E- Environmental1.Swaccha Bharat
2.Green India
3.Year of the Millets
3. Companies Act 2023

The International Webinar began with Dr. Arati Kale’s welcome speech.

The students put forth their presentations on the PESTEL framework. The gist being that Gen Z’s perspective on the Political aspect is that Gen Z appreciate Trade agreements, Ease of doing business index and the democratic values. Economic aspect of India highlights G20, Global Manufacturing hub, SEZ and they admire the startup culture, their concern about income inequality, their recognition of technological advancements, their commitment to sustainability, and their appreciation for youth entrepreneurship. On the social aspect of India in the PESTEL framework emphasizes the appreciation of cultural diversity, active involvement in social activism, recognition of women empowerment, a commitment to education and awareness, and the influential role of social media in shaping their view of India’s social landscape.

For the technology aspect of India in the PESTEL framework emphasizes their familiarity with digital technology, their appreciation for e-governance initiatives, their admiration for startups and innovation, their awareness of AI and automation, their recognition of tech education opportunities, and their active participation in digital entertainment. These factors reflect Gen Z’s engagement with and enthusiasm for technology as a driving force in India’s present and future. On the environmental aspect of India in the PESTEL framework underscores their appreciation for India’s natural beauty and sustainability efforts. They are actively engaged in advocating for solutions to environmental challenges, supporting renewable energy, wildlife conservation, and plastic pollution reduction. From legal perspective their concerns about data privacy, their appreciation for intellectual property rights, their support for corporate governance, their value of consumer protection, their environmental concerns, and their recognition of the importance of digital governance.

The Director, Dr. H. J. Bhasin delivered valuable insights on the theme. Mr. Atit Koirala – Director, Strategic Alliance in his appreciation added that the session is really informative. This is the first time the DPU students are getting exposed to Indian context in depth. He checked whether it is possible to share this presentation with DPU students which LLIM faculties assured to send it to him.

The webinar ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. Kinjal Shah.