Case Study Competition 'STORM'

Intra-college Annual Case Study Competition "STORM" on 11th February, 2017

Dr. Berndette DSilva – Director, Allana institute of Management studies
Ms. Neeta Nawathe – VP – HSBC Global Liquidity and Cash Management
Mr. Ravi Shankar – Head – Digital Payment, IDFC Bank

           An intra-college Case Study competition “STORM” was conducted at LLIM which spanned over 2 weeks. There were 15 teams each consisting of 3 members which reached the semi-finals, out of which 5 teams were selected for the finals. The final round was conducted on 11th February 2017 which consisted of two rounds, the first being, the presentation on the topic prepared by each team and the round consisted of on the spot case analysis.
Sequence for presentation was decided on the basis of chit system which was maintained for the last round as well. Niyati Shet, Saylai Choudhari and Rhea Miranda emerged as the winners of the competition.

The winning team was awarded with trophies, the first runner up team with smaller trophies and the second runner upstorm2
team with silver medals.This entire competition which proved to be of immense learning for the students who participated, wouldn’t have been possible withoutthe support of our Chairman Dr.Kamalji Gupta, Director Dr. V.B.Angadi and our faculty members.