Start – Up and Innovation on 21st February 2019

Guest Speaker: Mr. Prashant Raj, Head, Academic Sales – Thetapreneur On 21st February, 2019 Mr. Prashant Raj from Thetapreneur discussed various start up ideas and innovation based business models in a workshop conducted by Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) in collaboration with Start Up committee. He enlightened the students with the process of first generating a business idea, putting it up on paper as a business proposition, generating funds and finally getting through with the legal requirements. The workshop threw light upon many chronic issues such as getting the business model patented and finding reliable source of funding apart from banks.

He also demonstrated the specialty database called Start Up and Innovation Database consisting of various startup ideas based on nature of business and the uniqueness of the ideas. He also demonstrated the various legal documentation which may be accessed and used according to the nature of startup and requirement of funding.

That 1hr session was a huge add-on to the knowledge of students where he guided the students on how to dream big and follow your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

We wish from our heart that Mr. Prashant Raj join us for another session in the future.

Thanking you,