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Management Development Program-2021

MDP Report on Demystifying Digital Marketing

MDP on “Demystifying Digital Marketing was held online, dated 28/08/2021 from 10.00am-1.30pm

Following topics which were covered in the programme:

a. Fundamentals of digital marketing
b. SEM - Structure of campaigns
c. SEO - Best practices to increase organic reach
d. Heatmaps - how can it help you in developing better UI/UX
e. How to bring everything together to reach out to specific set of audience
f. KPIs to look at when you are developing a digital marketing plan

Around 85 participants attended the program and learned the elements & importance of Digital Marketing.

The programme was appreciated and well received by the students. According to the participants,
The programme was beneficial and added a massive value to their knowledge, w.r.t. the digital marketing content.