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Language Laboratory

It is found that the practitioners in “the big six” accounting firms spend 80% of their time communicating with others, either individually or in groups.  The average business executive spends 75%, about 45 minutes every hour.

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. English language, in particular, has become critical in the lives of young people who aspire to advance their careers anywhere in the world. English language learning has therefore become a must for any student today.

Therefore, eTail Networks Limited (ETNL) Language Laboratory was setup at Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management in January 2015. Professor Shilpa Shinde (Chairperson – Language Laboratory) along with Prof. Vinita Bhatia enthusiastically deliver language laboratory sessions every semester.

The ETNL language laboratory at LLIM is an audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. Language Laboratory lectures are attended by those students who voluntarily opt for Remedial English classes. Students are exposed to a variety of listening and speaking drills which eventually helps them in confidence building for interviews and competitive examinations. These skill development sessions are completely free of charge and at the end of its successful completion, students are awarded with a certificate.