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Knowledge Mould

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Regan Homavazir. Mr. Homavazir has 15 years’ experience in Investment Management. His specialities include Indian Equity Research, Fund Management, Technical Research etc. He is also Treasurer & Vice President of Association of Technical Market Analysts (ATMA).

Topics covered:

A. Introduction to Investment Management • Investment Management, Inflation and Retirement Planning • Long-Term Wealth creation • Various avenues for Long-Term Wealth creation

B. Mutual Funds as wealth creation tools • Equity-based, Debt-based and Hybrid Funds • Growth Option and Dividend Option • Long Term & Short Term Capital Gains

C. Understanding of Insurance Products • Term plans and their importance • ULIP’s • Mediclaim

D. Equity investments • Introduction to technical analysis • Indices like NIFTY and SENSEX • Bull Market, Bear Market, • Dow Theory • Dow Jones Industrial Average • Line chart, Bar chart and Candle stick chart • Price pattern, Continuation pattern • MACD (Moving Average Convergence and Divergence) • RSC (Relative Strength Comparison)

E. Tax Implications of Investment Management • Tax Benefits for specific investment options