Entrepreneurship on 12th October, 2017

On 12th October, 2017 a budding entrepreneur who is also our alumnus Mr. Ranjyot Singh joined the students of LLIM to talk about his journey of becoming an Entrepreneur. According to Mr. Ranjot, SN Foods was created out of sheer love for food, a dream of two friends, which came together to cater to everyone. Mr. Nalawade being a Chef by profession and Mr. Singh, a Marketing professional- their combination served to be a perfect blend to enter the business of food items and take their love for food at a different level. Gaining knowledge by visiting and working with different manufacturers resulting it to the set of SN Foods. They also designed and created a logo named as Rono, a mascot for the brand, a friend, mate and representative of the values that the SN Foods stands for.

He elaborated on the process of sales and its implementation in the market, Market Research, Channel Partners etc.

That 1hr 30mins session was a huge add-on to the knowledge of students where he guided the students on how to dream big and follow your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

We wish from our heart that Mr Ranjot Singh join us for another session in the future.