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Resource Person: Ms. Neeraa Prabhakar
Mr. Nilesh Birla
Mrs. Bhavika Chawla

Date: 13/01/2023

Venue: Room No. 610, Seminar Hall, Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management

Faculty InCharge: Prof.Kavita Patil ( Convener )
Dr.Suresh Suvarna

Description: Topics Covered
1. Spotting Entrepreneurial Opportunities
2. Understanding the Basics of Business Planning
3. Developing a Business Model
4. Branding and Marketing Strategies
5. Understanding Financial Management
6. Building a Team
7. Making Use of Business Resources
8. Activity on Business Idea’s

An event on how to Spot Entrepreneurial Opportunities , Understanding the Basics of Business Planning and Developing a Business Model was conducted on 13th Janurary, 2023, at Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management, Mumbai,
by Prof.Kavita Patil and Dr. Suresh Suvarna under Entrepreneurship Development Cell. An Innovative Business Idea Competiton held in which around nine groups presented their ideas.
More than 100 students attended the event, and they found the Event very informative and interesting.

Vision is to Provide a Cost-Effective Commitment Details:

Manjeet Singh Saini has started K.R. Consultancy services which was registered on 22nd October 2022. The Company provides services related to tax planning, financial reporting, business registration, investment planning etc.
Their vision is to provide a cost-effective commitment and to always be continually accessible. They are going to provide businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with the highest quality accounting, auditing, tax planning and business advisory services delivered in a timely,
efficient and innovative manner by a professional team that clearly enjoys working together to exceed their client's needs and expectations.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Topic: Entrepreneurial Development
Date held: 2nd February 2019
Venue: Seminar Room on the 6th Floor, LLIM
Guest Speaker: Baiju Nathwani, Entrepreneur – Health Fiesta

Details of the Guest lecture:

“Don’t worry about failures you only have to be right once” to make students of LLIM believe this, a charismatic entrepreneur Mr.Baiju Nathwani shared his valuable knowledge through his guest lecture. About Mr Nathwani, he has done his MBA from SIES College of Management Studies and a founder of Health Fiesta a mobile diet clinic which caters to schools and corporates. He is also a visiting faculty at SIES College of Management Studies and most importantly is a delight to listen.

Sir was very interactive, first he told about the model of his own company where they don’t have any offices or permanent staff but they have a platform where doctors enrol on weekly basis. They visit schools and corporates and give them services like health counselling, health monitoring. Sir explained the difference between an entrepreneur and a business person, former is the one who brings his unique idea to his startup and the later who starts a business on an old concept or an idea.

Sir told few mantras that would surely motivate one to dream of becoming an entrepreneur

  1. Start early – Earlier you start, more you learn and more time you have to customize which may be difficult after an age of 35 yrs
  2. Tackle Peer pressure, don’t worry what others think but believe in yourself.
  3. Failure is your best teacher. Don’t be scared of it.
  4. Choose Partners wisely, need not be a friend but an innovative, knowledgeable and people’s person.
  5. Go digital, marketing is highly lucid after advent of digital marketing
  6. Quality
  7. Business plan – Make a proposal which will attract investors, and approach investors wisely considering one’s business plan.
  8. You need not know everything, learn to outsource. Eg. registration of company, market research.
  9. Identify target audience, very imp to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
  10. Achieve an unserved need for market, Observe people, think of their unserved needs and that’s what Apple, Facebook, Netflix did and that really paid off.
  11. Last but not the least, a contingency plan.

Sir gave knowledge about franchising. Sir was very open about his future business venture an app called “Book My Class” which will help online booking of school class rooms during evening hours when they are generally idle. Few students also told about their startup plans for future. His lecture was full of live examples which really fascinated the students.

The session was a huge add-on to the knowledge of students where he guided the students on how to dream big and follow your dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Topic: Entrepreneurial Development
Date held: 15th March, 2018
Venue: Seminar Room on the 6th Floor, LLIM
Guest Speaker: Arch. Jayant Sinari

Details of the Guest lecture:

Architect Jayant Sinari Sinari Mr. Sinari is a senior architect owning his own firm “Jayant Sinarari Architect and practising in India SINCE 1989. Graduated from Academy of Architecture and registered in Council of Architects, he also has A Membership with PEATA (Practising Engineers, Architects & Town Planners)and Institute of Valuer’s .He has He has expertise in execution of projects within time schedule and budget. He gives excellent designs and incorporates modern construction technology in the design.

He has been felicitated by Late President of India Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma for the proposals of beautification of Mumbai. He highlighted on some important characteristics he has inculcated within him to become a successful entraprenuers.He insisted to have a blend of use of modern technology with the conservative value system.

Topic: Entrepreneurship

Date held: 12th Oct 2017
Venue: Seminar Room on the 6th Floor, LLIM
Guest Speaker: Mr. Ranjyot Singh, Entrepreneur – SN Foods

Details of the Guest lecture:

On 12th October, 2017 a budding entrepreneur who is also our alumnus Mr. Ranjyot Singh joined the students of LLIM to talk about his journey of becoming an Entrepreneur. According to Mr. Ranjot, SN Foods was created out of sheer love for food, a dream of two friends, which came together to cater to everyone. Mr. Nalawade being a Chef by profession and Mr. Singh, a Marketing professional- their combination served to be a perfect blend to enter the business of food items and take their love for food at a different level. Gaining knowledge by visiting and working with different manufacturers resulting it to the set of SN Foods. They also designed and created a logo named as Rono, a mascot for the brand, a friend, mate and representative of the values that the SN Foods stands for.

He elaborated on the process of sales and its implementation in the market, Market Research, Channel Partners etc.

That 1hr 30mins session was a huge add-on to the knowledge of students where he guided the students on how to dream big and follow your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

We wish from our heart that Mr Ranjot Singh join us for another session in the future.

Topic: Role of Business Analysts in Enterprise Applications Development, Implementation and support.
Date held: 28th Aug 2015 between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Venue: Seminar Room on the 6th Floor, LLIM
Participants: MMS II Semester 3 students.
Guest Speaker: Mr. Mohan Rao

Details of the Guest lecture:
The Participants included Faculty members and second year students of MMS. Around 45 students were there during the peak. Mr. Mohan Rao, in his presentation traversed through the need for ERP, evolution of ERP, features of ERP, core and additional modules of ERP, ERP development and implementations stages. He explained the functional role of a Business Analyst and how that analyst is important from identification of the requirement phase to design and development to implementation and support of ERP. Mr. Mohan Rao detailed 24 stages with individual task and responsibilities for each stage to perform the role of a Business Analyst in ERP implementation. He explained how there are three types of role for a Business Analyst, one as implementation partner company, two as end user or customer community and third in development of ERP application and product champion. He highlighted the significance of change management and importance of transformation and cultural challenges.

All the four specialization groups of MMS were benefitted by this lecture and it would aid the students to face their technical rounds of placement with confidence. The participation was excellent where students raised questions and understood the immense career opportunities for a Business Analyst.

Topic: My Life My Career
Venue: Room No. 610, Lala Lajpatrai Marg, Haji Ali, Mumbai – 400 034.
Date : 28-09-2015 & 29-09-2015
Time : 10:00 PM to 3.00 PM
Guest Speaker: Mr. NiteshGawade (CEO – EDIFY Labs)


Mr. NiteshGawade-CEO – EDIFY Labs have designed an initiative for post graduates called “My Life My Career”. MR. Nitesh firmly believes that Shaping the young minds through innovative learning processes, making their schooling years productive, joyous and enriching has always been at the centre of all our activities. The lecture started with a Dream Job Session. The session helped students to understand how corporates recruits their employees. The most important aspect of the program is that it shifted the responsibility of placements from college to students themselves.
Training was conducted for all these students where their potential was identified, personality was analyzed and their interests were unleashed, and at the end, profile mapping was done for them in order to find out their Dream Jobs. At the end of the training all the students were able to find what they were best at and got not only professional information but some life changing insights for their personal lives too.

Topic: Investing in Equities
Venue: Room No. 610, Lala Lajpatrai Marg, Haji Ali, Mumbai – 400 034.
Date : 28-09-2015 & 29-09-2015
Time : 10:00 PM to 3.00 PM
Guest Speaker: Mr. Deepak Joshi

Report on “Investing in Equities”.

Mr. Deepak Joshi is an Assistant Vice President, dealing in Equities at PineBridge Investments Asset Management Company.

The participants included the teaching faculty and Finance students.
The lecture was an initiative of bringing in corporate interface with the theoretical learning that will definitely give our students a firm foundation and a head start over others, when they actually go out in the corporate world post their degrees. He started off with the basics of Investment fundamentals and then on to give various ways of making investment in equities. Further, he shared with them some practical perspectives, particularly in the areas of how to select and invest in equities. He went through the entire process from a practical point of view and did receive a host of questions from the students, which was duly answered and clarified.
It was a good interactive session and a good learning experience for the students as well.


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