Guest Speaker: Baiju Nathwani, Entrepreneur – Health Fiesta

“Don’t worry about failures you only have to be right once” to make students of LLIM believe this, a charismatic entrepreneur Mr.Baiju Nathwani shared his valuable knowledge through his guest lecture. About Mr Nathwani, he has done his MBA from SIES College of Management Studies and a founder of Health Fiesta a mobile diet clinic which caters to schools and corporates. He is also a visiting faculty at SIES College of Management Studies and most importantly is a delight to listen.

Sir was very interactive, first he told about the model of his own company where they don’t have any offices or permanent staff but they have a platform where doctors enrol on weekly basis. They visit schools and corporates and give them services like health counselling, health monitoring. Sir explained the difference between an entrepreneur and a business person, former is the one who brings his unique idea to his startup and the later who starts a business on an old concept or an idea.

Sir told few mantras that would surely motivate one to dream of becoming an entrepreneur

  1. Start early – Earlier you start, more you learn and more time you have to customize which may be difficult after an age of 35 yrs
  2. Tackle Peer pressure, don’t worry what others think but believe in yourself.
  3. Failure is your best teacher. Don’t be scared of it.
  4. Choose Partners wisely, need not be a friend but an innovative, knowledgeable and people’s person.
  5. Go digital, marketing is highly lucid after advent of digital marketing
  6. Quality
  7. Business plan – Make a proposal which will attract investors, and approach investors wisely considering one’s business plan.
  8. You need not know everything, learn to outsource. Eg. registration of company, market research.
  9. Identify target audience, very imp to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
  10. Achieve an unserved need for market, Observe people, think of their unserved needs and that’s what Apple, Facebook, Netflix did and that really paid off.
  11. Last but not the least, a contingency plan.

Sir gave knowledge about franchising. Sir was very open about his future business venture an app called “Book My Class” which will help online booking of school class rooms during evening hours when they are generally idle. Few students also told about their startup plans for future. His lecture was full of live examples which really fascinated the students.

The session was a huge add-on to the knowledge of students where he guided the students on how to dream big and follow your dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur.