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Computer Center

A State-of-the-art Computer Center has been provided with Computers powered with i3 and i5 processors. The entire arrangement is oriented with 1 IBM & 1 HP  server & Structured networking system with 12 MBPS Hathway Leased line, and broadband connection of 50 MBPS from Hathway. The Computer Centre provides excellent internet surfing & downloading facility. The Center also has Acer laptops which are used by the students for presentations. Students are provided with State–of the-art Wi-fi technology; enabling wireless access.

Other Important Aspects of Lab

Licensed Microsoft Software

  • Windows Server – Standard2012 R2
  • Windows Server – Standard2008
  • Windows Server – Standard2003
  • Windows10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB
  • Windows10 Education
  • Windows8.1 Professional
  • SQL Server – Standard2014
  • Office Professional Plus 2016

LLIM has installed Wireless Access Points around the campus. Once your laptop has been setup to use the network, your wireless card will automatically detect a signal from these access points. As our wireless coverage is protected by a security system, it is compulsory to register your laptop before using wi-fi in LLIM Campus. After registration only, you will be able to access the internet just as you would if you were in the computer lab or on your home computer. The strength of the signal detected will determine the speed of the internet on your laptop: a weak (low) signal will provide slightly slower access than a stronger (higher) signal. Currently both 6th & 7th floors have coverage.


  • 180 Computers
  • 12 MBPS Internet Lease Line (Hathway)
  • 50 MBPS Internet Broadband Connection (Hathway)
  • Wi-fi with Cyberoam Firewall Security
  • ETNL Language Lab 4.0
  • Seqrite End Point Security 16.0
  • Printing and Scanning facility
  • CCTV Surveillance