Big Data & Business Analytics on 27th August 2019

Guest Speaker: Mr. Arunjit Choudhary – CEO of EBTS,
Mr. Vinayak Shashtri – IIM and Harvard alumnus  

On 27th August 2019 Mr. Arunjit choudhary  addressed the students of MMS Sem III (Marketing & Operations), about topic Big Data & Business Analytics. He gave extremely good analogies of the big data and its applications in the business area. He explains big data concept through live examples which gives more practical understating of concepts.

Mr. Choudhary is certified in Sales & Distribution module for SAP, also certified as a Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance. Mr. Shahstri in interactive session explain the concepts of big data, how data even at individual level is growing Giga bytes every day. He explain how unstructured data has to be analyzed in current business scenario, extensive examples over the different domains of marketing, finance, supply chain management. The entire concepts was simulated into 9 areas of big data analystics.

Both speakers extensive corporate experience was helpful and lucid way of explanation was taken very well with the students. It was indeed a wonderful experience for the students. The 02hr session was a huge add-on to the knowledge of students where speakers could connect our students with Big Data & Business Analytics through live examples.