Better than Normal on 20th February 2019

Guest Speaker: Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani- Global Motivational Speaker

The special guest for the lecture was Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani. He is an extraordinary young man with many achievements. Although he has cerebral palsy, a condition that affects muscles, movement and motor skills, this does not hinder him in achieving great things, things perhaps some of us still want to achieve. He has travelled around to many countries, representing Singapore in football such in Incheon Asian Para Games and of course in the 8th Asian Para Games, which Singapore hosted 2015. In 2015, he published his autobiography, “Better than Normal: My Journey of Self Belief and Unwavering Determination”, which is about overcoming the challenges in his life. He is an international speaker and transformational coach.

Some of the quotes that he elaborated on are “No matter what, always keep going, eventually you will reach your destination”; “Learn how to accept your situation in life and learn how to make the best out of it”; “Life is like a ball, the harder you hit the ground the higher you will bounce” and “Courage is facing the problems even the odds are against you”.

The students had lot of takeaways from this speaker. Like “it is essentially the essence of the movement here, to become The Best of You. It means, to become the best and highest version of yourself. It means, to live your life to your fullest potential. There is so much more that i would like to say but I feel 500 words is not enough”.