Late Shri Lala Lajpatrai :  Visionary Par Excellence

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Late Shri Lala Lajpatrai :  Visionary Par Excellence

“A leader is one whose leadership satisfies and is effective, one who is always ahead of those he seeks to lead, who is fearless and courageous. He remains a leader so long as he maintains these qualities. Once a leader is not always    a leader. Leadership is a progressive community and changes with time and circumstances” Lala Lajpatrai was one of the foremost freedom fighters and was born on 28th January, 1865 in Dhudike village in Ferozpur District of Punjab.

Lala Lajpatrai was known for his single minded zeal and devotion to the Indian Nationalist cause. Whilst, the rest of the Indian leaders bowed before the British rule, he took up the battle and challenged the might of the British empire for which he had to pay the ultimate price with his life.

  From a management perspective, he believed in India’s economic regeneration and eventual resurgence as an economic power. Lalaji was fearless and candid in expressing his views. Lalaji was an educationist, a visionary, and a pioneer who gave shape to India’s education system. He played a major role in India’s struggle for independence and patriots like him can never be forgotten. When Lalaji died on 17th November 1928, Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation in his tribute to Lalaji exclaimed, “Men like Lalaji cannot die as long as the sun shines in the Indian sky”.We are eternally indebted to Lalaji and we feel proud, honored, and inspired that his august name graces our institution.

   The Lala Lajpatrai Memorial Trust

  A group of philanthropists came together and started on an odyssey to provide world-class education in the very heart of Mumbai. A Trust was formed and named after Lala Lajpatrai, the great freedom fighter, social reformer, and educationist.

The Trust was founded to promote educational activities that were dear to Lalaji’s heart.

The Establishment of the Trust and other educational institutions by a few Punjabi philanthropists in Mumbai was a true homage to the worthy son of India – The Late Lala Lajpatrai.