Celebration of 9th International Day of Yoga, 2023 (IDY-2023)


9th International Day of Yoga, 2023

Venue:LLIM Seminar Hall, Room No. 610. !
Date:21st June - 2023
Duration:10:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
Name of Faculty:Dr. Arati Kale, Dr. Priyadarshini Nidhan

Description:LLIM encourages its staff members and students to understand benefits of practicing meaningful Yoga.

Objective:During the workshop certain yogic practices were demonstrated (matching the general protocols as per AICTE) which could be practiced regularly even in hectic schedule.

Activity Undertaken: The Participants were the Faculty members, non-teaching staff and students. The details of the yoga workshop;
Yoga Instructor:- Mr. Amey Naykode (Specialist in Lifestyle Transformation Modules)
Style:- Traditional Ancient / Patanjali Yoga

Program Flow:- 1. Yoga Philosophy - Meaning of “Yoga”, Origin, Different Streams of Yoga as a whole. Brief explanation on Patanjali Yoga and its 8 limbs.

2. Yogasanas - Deeper understanding of traditional yogasanas, its origin, anatomy, its importance in modern day to day life. Prevention as well as cure to keep body fit and flexible, rejuvenating & toxin free. Also body-breath-mind awareness. Traditional way of doing an Asana through practice. All the practices were covered as per the protocol given by AICTE.

3. Savasana - Relaxation was done at the end to calm and relax and combat stress.
Promotion and Publicity: The event was documented and could be used as a promotional material for social media platforms which will further propagate the essence of this event as per the requirements of AICTE.

Dr. Arati Kale Dr. Priyadarshini Nidhan