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The Library in Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management is treated as a critical organ of the institute. Utmost importance is given to the creation of appropriate ambience for the users of the library. Accordingly our endeavour has been to identify the changing and growing needs of the readers and cater to their needs.

The chief objectives of the library are: –

  • Endeavour to create a learning environment, which enables the students to develop the habits of reading and research.
  • Adopt a data oriented factual approach that leads to continual improvement in the reading habits of all students, teachers, researchers at large and gain knowledge. Develop the library into a store house of knowledge by preserving, adding, and updating books, periodicals, E-journal research reports, Audio Visual Material etc.

Ours is a computerised library wherein all activities are being conducted by using the Software of University Libraries (SOUL) by INFLIBNET. Database is available on OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) for searching. We have an open access system for our students which enables them to get an opportunity to browse through books on various subjects and select the reading material of their interest.

We conduct orientation programs for the new batch every year which helps them to get easy access of books. They also get acquainted to the library system and library staff during the orientation. Thus, our students love to visit the library daily to gain knowledge which has become a part of their routine life. During the orientation programme our librarian tries to create a strong bond between the books and the readers.

Our library is well equipped with modern facilities, latest technical & electronic devices which include the Wi-Fi system. Our library has an excellent collection of the best books on various subjects written by famous writers, reference books, periodicals, journals, encyclopedias, yearbooks, maps, atlas, general reading material, books for recreation, handbooks, various useful dictionaries, CD’s Audio visuals as well as DVDs and so on. Our LCD TV provides the students with latest information about the market position, information on shares and statistical data and many current affairs and transactions.

We prepare library budgets for planning and facilitating purchase of books and other required material. We shoulder the responsibility of completing searches. We attend to inter–library queries and requests too.

We maintain Indian and International important useful periodicals and journals for at least a decade. These are in the form of attractive bound volumes which aids as an important material to the readers. It assist them in preparing project reports and for all other study purposes.

We also take the responsibility of protecting the student’s belongings at the property counter. We often request our expert lecturers to recommend good books on various subjects. Then, we add those books to our collection.

International Journals: Our Institute is not only conducting MMS Course but also offering research programme. To carter to needs of students, teaching faculty and researchers, 24 internationally renowned journals are being subscribed in key business areas such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Operations.

National Journals: To make our readers familiar with national Economic Environment, we are also subscribing to as many as 31 National Journals.

E-Journals: Widely used in the field of research e-journals namely EBSCO, J-Gate, and Supreme Court Cases web edition are subscribed.

E-Database: LLIM also subscribed the “Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy (CMIE) – Prowess; which provide economic & business database for the students engaged in preparing projects.

Membership: LLIM has also membership with National Digital Library (NDL) as well as National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

Books 28686
National Journals 31
International Journals 24
E-Journals EBSCO + J-Gate + SCC
CD`s with Magazines 550
CD`s with Books 590
Audio – Visual Collections 100
Subscribed Newspaper 19
Seating Capacity 100


a) EBSCO: (Covered 4000 + national and international online journal)

b) J_GATE: (5000 + E-Journals Covered in JGATE)

c) CMIE-PROWESSS IQ: Covered Financial performance of 51,420 Indian companies.

d) ET PRIME: Access to the exclusive Economic Times stories, Editorial and Expert opinion.

e) SCC Online Web-edition: Contains the Supreme Court Cases (1969-till date with True Print.)

Subscribed International Journals by LLIM Library (Journals Published at Abroad 2021-22)
SrNo. Title
1 AIMS International
2 Academy of Management Journal
3 Advances in Developing Human Resources
4 Big Data Research
5 California Management Review
6 Economic Affairs
7 Financial Markets and Portfolio Management
8 Global Business Review
9 Harvard Business Review - South Asia
10 International Journal of Cross Cultural Management
11 Journal of Consumer Research
12 Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economics
13 Journal of International Business Studies
14 Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies
15 Journal of Management
16 Journal of Marketing
17 Leadership
18 Marketing Theory
19 MIT Sloan Management Review
20 National Geography
21 South Asia Economic Journal
22 South Asian Journal of HRM
24 International Journal of Online Marketing

Subscribed National Journals by LLIM Library (Published in India 2021-22)
SrNo. Title
1 Arthshastra: Indian Journal of Economics & Research
2 Business Manager
3 Dalal Street Investment Journal
4 Economic & Political Weekly
5 Entrepreneur
6 Franchsing World
7 i-Manager's journal on Management
8 Indian Journal of Finance
9 Indian Journal of Marketing
10 Indian journal of Research in Capital Markets
11 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations Economics & Social Development
12 Journal of Operations and Strategic Planning
13 Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems
14 METAMORPHOSIS: A Journal of Management Research
17 Prabandhan:Indian Journal of Management
18 Prajnan
19 RBI Bulletin
20 University News
21 Vikalpa
22 Vinimaya
23 Vision
24 Yoga & Total Health
25 Business Today
26 India Today
27 Competition Success Review
28 Pratiyogita Darpan
29 South Asian Journal of Business & Management Cases
30 Business India
31 Business World

Library Facilities:
• Open access

• Wi-Fi Connectivity
• Multimedia Facility (6)
• Audio Visual projections
• Rich Collection of Management and General books with Bar-code Tag
• Seating Capacity (100)
• Photocopy and Scanning Facility
• Property Counter

Library Services:
• Circulation Service

• Reference / Extension Service
• New Arrival Display
• Subject Research Service
• Awareness Programs / Training
• Audio-Visual Service
• Book Exhibition
• Library Catalogue / Web-OPAC
• CD-ROM Service
• User Survey
• LLIM-Case Bank Service
• Providing statistical information and market analysis.
• E-Journal Database Service – EBSCO , J-Gate and SCC Web Edition
• E-Database – CMIE – Prowess
• Membership – NDL, NPTEL.

Library Timings
1. Monday to Saturday – 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

2. Library remains closed on holidays.

Library Team

Mr. Yogesh Dusankar

Tel. No.:- 022 23513874 Ext.:124, E-email:-, /

Asst. Librarian
Mr. Ranjit Redekar

“The great libraries of the future are not those with great collections but those with great staff, knowledge must be rediscovered in the library before it is used.”

(Lowry 1991)

Library Committee

Library Committee Member Details:

1. Dr. Gagan Bhatia– Chairperson
2. Mr. Yogesh Dusankar – Secretary.
3. Dr. Arati Kale – Member
4. Dr. Priyadarshini Nidhan - Member
5. Prof. Ritika Vohra – Member