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Introduction to International Logistics and Supply Chain held on 17 July 2021

Guest Speaker: Mr. Nagendra Aswatha, Managing Partner, NS4 MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS LLP and former Chief Operating Officer - Shipping and Logistics, FORBES & COMPANY LIMITED.

On 17th July 2021 Mr. Nagendra, distinguished speaker of the guest lecture enunciated the major differences between Domestic and International Logistics and Supply Chain by giving live examples and why International Logistics to be construed as specialized function of understanding. He spoke about Inland Container Depot (ICD) and Container Freight Station (CFS) and their roles in Global Supply Chains. Mr. Nagendra spoke about the basics of Ocean, Airfreight and Multi-modal transportation, import-export documentation, INCOTERMS of 2020 and the importance of 3PL / 4 PL players in Outsourcing of Supply Chain Operations. He concluded how emergence of digital capabilities in Ocean freight is changing the future outlook of global supply chain. The session was a huge add-on to the knowledge of students and faculty who participated in huge numbers.