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Growth opportunities and challenges in Crypto currency

1. The Online Finance National Seminar on growth opportunities and challenges in Crypto Currency was conducted on Saturday, 14th August, 2021, at 610, LLIM Seminar Hall. Dr. Aditya Shrinivas,Chief Operating officer and chief economist at Bombay stock exchange brokers forum, head international business division delivered the first key-note address. Mr. Mahir Shah, lead associate BFSI at Nexdigm pvt ltd delivered second key note address. Mr.Pranav Shastri, course lead at Wiley NJA consultant, technical trainer, speaker and academic counselor delivered third key note address. It was attended by Dr.V.B. Angadi, Director, LLIM, Mumbai; Prof. Vikas Sharma-HOD Finance LLIM, Teaching Faculties and students.

2. Dr.V.B. Angadi extended a warm welcome to all the participants and briefly explained the objectives of the seminar.

3. Dr. AdityaShrinivas
Until and unless the government of India takes a clear stand on Crypto currency, one should stay away from investing their hard earned money into it. There have been several instances in the past where people have invested money in instruments that were not cleared by the government and are till date facing queries from law enforcement agencies.

4. Mr. Mahir Shah
He does not see crypto currency replacing fiat currency anytime soon due to its high volatility and the ease with which it can be used to commit social crimes. However it will emerge as an investment option which one can explore to diversify their portfolio considering the revolutionary technology of block chain which it uses.

5. Mr. Pranav Shastri
He spoke about cryptography, evolution of money, fiat currency, subprime crisis, block chain technology, advantages on block chain, combination of 3 technologies, the journey of bitcoin and block chain token.

6. LLIM students were also enthusiast and took keen interest in exploring and further researching the field of Crypto currency. The day witnessed well-researched papers covering the themes of Crypto currency . The details are as follows:

The seminar provided a forum for discussion after the presentation of technical papers. The participants in the seminar raised several interesting issues. The debate on the critical issues has generated both heat and light.

The session was concluded with vote of thanks by the Seminar Convener Prof.Vikas Sharma

The seminar was well attended by nearly 250 delegates. It was a rich learning experience by all and had led to in depth knowledge creation for all the participants.

The photographs of the Seminar are attached below.