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Finance for Non Finance Professionals


Certificate programme on “Finance for Non Finance Professionals” was held online, dated from 12/11/2021 to13/11/2021 from 11.00 am- 4:00 pm was conducted by LLIM and lectured by Yogesh Wagh, Head (Sales and Marketing- Maharashtra) for Academy of Science Technology and Management; a UK Based company.

The programme helped the participants to describe how decision-makers use accounting concepts in business, make better earnings (Bottom Line) decisions with functional knowledge of the numeric aspect of a business, identifying shortcomings in analysis of financial statement, relate the utility of financial ratios in business decisions, understand the dynamics of the business environment and take initiatives that are collinear with the short and long term of business goals, learn how to “think finance” and translate various performance measurements into financial terminologies, Cost of Capital and Capital Structure Decisions and forecasting for improvement of planning and performance.

The programme was appreciated and well received by the participants. According to the participants, the programme was beneficial and added a massive value to their knowledge, with respect to understanding the application of financial terms and concepts covered in the programme.