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Dr. Kamal Gupta

B.Com(Hons), LLB, Ph.D.


The Architect – Our Chairman Dr. Kamal Gupta

Dr. Kamal Gupta, Founder Chairman, of Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management reflects a fine example of Charles Darwin’s famous Observation. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are the most responsive to change.” Dr. Kamal Gupta is a fine example of Darwin’s profound theory. Taking the Institute to greater heights.
Dr. Gupta became the Founder Chairman of the Management Institute which was started in 1995. His dedication and concerted efforts helped the Management Institute to grow from a raw novice to a full-fledged State-of-the-Art Institute. He undertook the cumbersome process of revamping the Institute by creating appropriate infrastructural facilities, improving course content, introducing new and relevant courses, establishing appropriate linkages between courses offered and job markets. Dr. Gupta stresses on small concentrated batches rather than cluttered and oversized classrooms. focused on improving the infrastructure by upgrading the entire infrastructure with State-of-the-Art technology. He emphasizes that “The golden rule is to never compromise on quality.” Dr. Gupta being closely associated with the Institute is a live force for incessantly inspiring the students to learn. He believes that there is no age gap on learning and acquiring Knowledge and Dr. Kamal Gupta himself strengthens this belief. The fact that words are as good as deeds is evident from the Ph.D. degree that was awarded to him by the University of Mumbai in 2008. Thus, he sets a fine example for students and staff of the Institute in terms of the constant self-motivation that he imbibes to learn, encourage and inspire. His advice to the youth of today is “To climb the coveted ladder of success, one must acquire the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitude needed for exploiting the available opportunities. Once this is achieved, the world is your oyster.