Report- Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav-2023

Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav

Venue:Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav - 2023
Date:28-Sep-2023 to 11-Dec-2023
Venue: LLIM Campus
Faculty Incarge:Dr. Shakti Awasthi, Dr. Kinjal Shah

Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav is a celebration of diversity of Indian Languages. In India we have 22 official languages along with more than 121 languages spoken all over India and more than 500 dialects. This year AICTE has decided to celebrate 11th December 2023 as the Bhartiya Bhasha Divas every year, which is a birthday of Poet and Freedom Fighter Dr. Subramanian Bharathi. This will be an occasion to celebrate the diversity of Indian languages and encourage building of deeper connections in the hearts and minds of our youth.

This year celebrations of Utsav stared on 28th September which will culminate on 11th December 2023 with the celebration of Bhartiya Bhasha Diwas.

At LLIM, the festivities were initiated on 28th September, where the students coming from various linguistic backgrounds participated in preparing the banners and posters for the celebrations.

Various activities were organized at LLIM campus to celebrate the Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav 2023. The exhibition for books of various languages was organized on 3rd October 2023. The books of various languages were displayed which were widely recognized by one and all.

The inaugural event was organized on 11th October 2023, Wednesday, where Dr. Abhay Doshi, Head &; Associate Professor, Dept. of Gujarati, University of Mumbai, was the chief guest on the occasion. All the esteem faculty members including Dr. H.J Bhasin (Director), program co-ordinator Dr. Neetu Singhwal were present on the occasion. Dr. Shakti Awasthi & Dr. Kinjal Shah hosted the event. During the event various poets presented their poetry in their mother tongue including Tamil, Gujrati, Marwari and Hindi. Students learned many lesson on diversity in languages and management. The event was highly appreciated by one and all.