BONE MARROW REGISTRY in association with Marrow Donor Registry of India (MDRI)


To become a donor it just takes a small vial of blood or swab of cheek cells to be typed as a bone marrow/stem cell donor. There are many cancer patients who are desperately waiting to find a donor match and we may be able to save someone’s life.

The Participants included Faculty members, non-teaching staff and students. Firstly, on 09-01-2023 Dr. Praveen Clement of Tata Memorial Hospital went to each class and explained the importance of Bone Marrow Registry / Stem Cell Registration which was a motivational factor for the students. On 10-01-2023 Doctors from Marrow Donor Registry India (Tata Memorial hospital Initiative) and their assistants collected the swab of cheek cells. The swab sample was collected to test for transmissible diseases and for tissue typing which then would be included in the registry of potential donors. When a search request comes in, the tissue type in the registry is compared with the tissue type of patients in need of a transplant and then necessary actions are taken as per the procedure / formalities.

The response was excellent, around 207 participants registered themselves as Donors.

Name of Faculty:Dr. Arati Kale and Dr. Priyadarshini Nidhan

Topic: BONE MARROW REGISTRY in association with Marrow Donor Registry of India

Resource Person: Dr. Praveen Clement: Transplant Coordinator, Tata Memorial hospital;S.L. Raheja - A Fortis Associate Hospital


Duration:5 Hours (10.00 AM to 03:00 PM)