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Big Data and Analytics in Business held on 5th March 2022, Seminar Hall, LLIM.


Guest Speaker: Mr Sandeep Agarwal, Corporate Trainer and Consultant in Big Data and Hadoop and Mr Arunjit Chowdhury, CEO, EBTS.

On 5th March 20221 Mr Sandeep Agarwal distinguished speaker of the guest lecture enunciated the importance of Big Data, elements of Big Data and Analytics in different domains. He gave examples of how Big Data Analytics can be deployed in multiple applications of Stock Exchange, Banks, and Retail Chains and Manufacturing industries. Mr Agarwal spoke about Hadoop and Spark big data platforms. Mr Arunjit emphasized the importance of learning technical and functional skills in using these platforms.

The session was fully packed with 121 students and was a huge add-on to their knowledge.