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Accelerators – Opportunities for Students and Faculties.

Topic: “Accelerators – Opportunities for Students and Faculties : Early Stage Entrepreneurs”

Chief Guest: Mr. Aadesh Surya Rao from Institution’s Innovation Council[IIC], Mumbai.

Date: 05th August, 2023.

Place: 6th Floor, @Seminar Hall,Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management.

Faculty Organizing Team: Dr. Gagan Bhatia, Dr. M. Gowrishankar, Dr. A. Balasubramanian

The session began with lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and paying their tribute to Shri. Lala Lajpatraiji. The dignitaries of the inaugural session consisted of Mr. Aadesh SuryaRao from Institution’s Innovation Council[IIC], Mumbai – Chief Guest, Dr. H. J. Bhasin – Director : LLIM, Dr. Gagan Bhatia – IIC Member: LLIM, Dr. M. Gowri Shankar - IIC Member: LLIM, Dr. A. Balasubramanian – IIC Member: LLIM and other faculty members of LLIM. Dr. Kamalji Gupta, Chairman, LLIM conveyed his best wishes for the session.

Mr. Aadesh SuryaRao, the chief guest, explained the idea of accelerators with particular reference to Ola Cabs. He also discussed the steps for starting a business as Observe, Idea, Validate, Start-up Registration, IPR & Prototype, Feedback & Iteration, Funding, and Launch. The Chief Guest analyzed the potential during the Q&A session and underlined the capacity of accelerators for students and faculties to be early-stage entrepreneurs. 104 participants enthusiastically attended the session, of which 89 were students and 15 were faculty.