Wealth management in India on 30th July 2016

Speaker : Ms. Seimaa Manjuratna, Private banker with ICICI Bank

A guest lecture was held on 30th July 2016 on the topic of “Wealth management in India” was held for the semester III –finance students. The lecture was organized by Prof Arti Modi, Assistant Professor, Finance.

The lecture was taken by Ms. Seimaa Manjuratna, Private banker with ICICI Bank and an M.B.A with IIM Kolkatta. She enlightened the students on various aspects of wealth management. She also discussed the skill sets required to become a private banker and the scope of private bankers in India. Various aspects of investments and brief about portfolio management and investing options were discussed in the lecture. The various points of discussion were as follows

  • Meaning and scope of wealth management services in India
  • Family businesses and family wealth planning
  • Difficulties faced by a private banker
  • Skill sets/qualifications required by a private bankers