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First Edition : 2016

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 1  Skill development Imperative for India's Growth  Dr. S.S.Mantha              
 2  Advantage India - The Pharmacy of the World   Mr. Deep Bhandhari 
 3  Make in India Initiative - Realistic approach   Prof. N. Balasubramanian 
 4  A Study of Lean Implementation in Indian Manufacturing Organizations  Rajesh L. Patil
 Pinky Singh
 Shashank  Kumbhare
 5  "Make in India - Aspirations to Attainment" (Background Paper)  Prof.N. Balasubramanian
 Prof. Vivek Nerurkar
 Dr. A. Balasubramanian
 6  Talent  Management No Gem will blush unseen  Prof.  Bharat Nadkarni
 7   Workforce Diversity and Its to Impact on Business  Performance:
A   Human Resource Perspective
 Prof. Anusha R. Patil
 Sagar Johar
 8   Green HR Practices @ TCS  Prof Priyadarshini Nidhan,
 Dr. Sangeeta Jain
 9   'Emerging Issues in Human Resources" (Back ground paper)  Prof.  Anusha Patil
 10   Marketing Espionage:   Threats and Measures  Dr.Harvind J. Bhasin
 Mr.  Farosh Patel
 11  A Study of Neuro-Marketing Mechanisms and Their Influence
on Key Marketing Inputs

 Prof. Anusha Patil
 Nihal Hebbar
 Darshan Desai

 12  Data Driven Marketing  Dr. H.J.Bhasin
 Devesh Sharma
 Manvin Thukral
 Himanshu  Vaidya
 13  Virtual Reality - An Emerging Paradigm in Marketing  Prof. Deepa Rohit
 Chirag Banger
 Prerna Rai
 14  Last Mile Connectivity in Rural Markets: Challenges  & Opportunities  Prof. Gagan Bhatia
 Husain Ansari
 Karan  Khanna
 15  Shift  in Public  Relations -
Right  Content  for the Apt Platform
 Shiv Bhasin
 16  "New Paradigms in Marketing: Strategies for the Future"  (Background paper)

 Dr. H .J. Bhasin
 Prof. Deepa Rohit
 Prof.  Arijit Bhatacharya


 BRICS Group of Emerging Economies: Implications  for  Global
 Economic and  Financial System

 Shri.  Shailesh  Hari Bhakti
 18 Urbanisation, Urban Discourse and Emerging Urban Paradigms in  BRICS  Dr. Sudha Mohan
 19 Effect of Economic Variables on Stock Market of BRICS Emerging Economies  Dr. Bina Gupta
 Tanay Karkhanis,
 Upasana Tiwari
 20 Demographic Impact on Economic Growth in BRICS and selected Non BRICS Nation  Prof. Meghna Patil
 Mansi Salunkhe
 Nancy  Vaid
 Siddhi Dalvi
 21 "BRICS Group of Emerging Economies: Implications for Global Economic and
 Financial System" (Background  Paper)
 Dr. Bina Gupta