Six Sigma

Customer expectation of the process.

  • Understand Six Sigma
  • Project definition and Charter
  • High level Process Mapping – COPIS

What is the frequency of defects?

  • Critical to Quality (CTQ) Characteristics – Learning and usage of tools like FMEA, Cause and Effect diagram, Pareto and detailed
  • process mapping
  • Performance standards
  • MSA - Gage R&R, Attribute Agreement Analysis

Why, Where & When do defects occur?

  • Graphical Analysis
  • Process Capability – Cp, Cpk, Zst and Zlt
  • Identify variation sources – Hypothesis testing
  • ANOVA, Chi Square, 1-sample t, 2-sample t, 1-proportion, 2-proportion, Regression Analysis

How can we fix the Process?

  • Brainstorming techniques and TRIZ
  • Solution Selection, error proofing - FMEA
  • Pilot Improvement plans
  • Deployment – Cost Benefit Analysis

How can we keep the process fixed?

  • Control Charts – Variable and Attribute Charts
  • Implement Process control
  • Project closure

Topics Covered:

  • Customer expectation of the process
  • Frequency of defects
  • Why, Where and when do defects occur
  • How can we fix the process
  • How can we keep the process fixed.


  • Students got exposure and guidance on various fields such as Manufacturing, Software solutions, ITES etc.
  • A practical scenario was established.
  • Mock interviews were carried out.
  • Students were able to deliver and answer quality and statistical tools and their significance during their interview with the corporates.