Affordable Technologies for SME Sector in India, 27th March, 2015

Sr. No. Name of the speaker Organization Designation Title of the seminar
1 Dr. T.P. Madhu Nair Faculty of Commerce, Mumbai Dean Importance of SME sector it's significant contribution to the inclusive growth of the Indian economy.
2 Dr. Arun Pande ITRA-Water, Media Lab Asia, Department of Electronics, Ministry of Communication
& IT
Program Director Transformation from LAB to FLOOR.
3 Mr. P.K. Bindlish SecuritIes & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Chief General Manager SME Financing and Role of Capital Markets
4 Manish Pawar Centre for Quality Management (CQM) Principal Consultant Managing Business Process in SME context.
5 Prof. Naresh Deshpande D J Sanghavi College of Engineering Head of Department, Production Engineering Low Cost Automation (LCA) for Indian SMEs