LLIM conducts an Induction programme for its new students to welcome them and familiarize them with their new family. A formal inauguration is done by Dr. Kamalji Gupta- Chairman of Governing Council and other dignitaries. The students are made aware of various facilities available in the institute at their disposal. The senior students make their new fellow mates understand about the different specializations and their relevance. The placement process and future avenues are also explained. To bridge the gap between the students who come from various backgrounds; LLIM conducts an extensive 2 week ‘foundation course’ before the commencement of the course. The contents of this course covers basic concepts in Economics, Marketing, Accountancy and IT. 


induction 2017Dr. Anil Sutar  - Professor and Associate Dean, School of Research Methodology, Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS).

One of the highlights of the Induction programme in August 2016 was a presentation by Dr. Anil Sutar to MMS I and II year students on the importance of Research Methodologies in Business. Dr. Sutar emphasized the need for research methodologies, techniques and gave many examples of how research provided benefits to many Indian business domains.