Real Time Threat Detection in Business Security on 17th Feb 2017


guest lec 17feb

 Speaker: Dr. Niraj Joshi

The guest speaker for the subject was Dr. NIraj Joshi, a Principal Investigator (PI) for Department of Science and Technology (DST) at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay & Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. And Associate Professor at Centre of Excellence and Nano-science Technology (CENT), Mangalore. The speaker threw insight on Business Security in Business organization. Due to increased vulnerabilities, information technology and computer environments now allow more compromises to occur. Information stored in various electronic devices and networks can be lost or stolen because of portability and easy access. Fraud, accidents, vandalism and theft are increasing costs for business organizations since the environments are becoming more “complex and dynamic”.

He explained how physical security becomes tougher to control as technology increases with complexity, and more vulnerabilities are enabled. He also gave the idea of current scenario about the advanced research and developments in detectors and sensor technology.