The Institute has an 'EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT CENTRE' which caters to the needs of the Corporates, NGOs & Educational Institutions, etc. The Centre conducts various Executive Development Programmes that have contemporary issues for discussion & executive learning.


The Leadership Study Centre is set up by the Institute. Its main objective is to promote an understanding of the processes of leadership in the Indian, Social, Cultural and Economic Environment. The studies will later on be published as monographs or books.

  • Computer applications in educational institute and exclusive research units
  • Computerization in hospitals
  • Leadership seminars involving leadership style  and development programs with various modular applications
  • Management of education institute    
  • Medical costs program

The Centre engages Seminars & Conferences through sponsorship for such studies.
The Programmes of this Centre are being guided by a group of eminent Industrialists and Professionals.
The Programmes of  Executive  Development  Centre organized are:

1. Disinvestment
2. Corporate Governance
3. Non Performing Assets.
4. Changing Face of Consumerism.
5. WTO: Perspective and Challenges.
6. Faculty Development program
7. Retailing
8. Tax Planning for H.R. Professionals
9. Training on General Managements And Communication Skills-Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).
10. Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights sanctioned by Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India (New Delhi)