Daawat-e-Lala – An incredible initiative in Mumbai!

daawat-e-lalaDate16th October, 2016

Venue: Various Stations at Western, Central and Harbour Lines

daawat e lala large

One of the famous quotes of Mother Teresa – “If cannot feed a hundred people, feed just one!”

Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management (LLIM) one of the premier management institutes in Mumbai has commenced a similar social initiative named ‘Daawat-e-Lala’. It is a brainchild of Mr. Pramod Joshi (1st year MMS student) which was further facilitated by Mr. Sandeep Nayak (2nd year MMS student) and their kindhearted professor – Dr. Arati Kale. The idea behind ‘Daawat-e-Lala’ is to feed home-cooked hygienic food to any five poor and needy people on various railway stations or the streets of Mumbai. ‘Daawat-e-Lala’ began with a punchline ‘ek raat Mumbai mein koi bhuka nahi soyega’ (nobody will sleep hungry on one day in city of Mumbai), an attempt to come together to feed people on 16th October, 2016.

‘Daawat-e-Lala’ garnered huge support from all the LLIM students who volunteered for the cause and actively participated on the day. Everybody agreed upon Khichadi as a standard food and many other delicious menu options as per the convenience of the volunteers. To synchronize the entire efforts; area-specific e.g. central, western, harbor and south-Mumbai whatsapp groups were formed and the volunteers came together in smaller groups to reach out to over 52 railway stations across Mumbai. The volunteers then shared their pictures and stories with the groups which were then put up together on a facebook post by Pramod. While sharing the experiences of students, many got emotional and felt a sense of happiness at the end of the event. The feeling is impeccable when someone smiles and the reason behind it is you..!! Few students who could not participate on 16th October, promised to volunteer next time to make it a continuous process.

‘Daawat-e-Lala’ provided the perfect learning experience to the students who witnessed the other side poor people. They understood that somebody is happy with even small things perhaps much lesser than what they have. They realized that these people who struggle every day for their living are expressive, affectionate and fondly appreciated their candid initiative. We all tend to complain about the problems we face in our day to day lives. Take a day out, visit a homeless, listen to his problems, ask him how he manages to make his ends meet, how he supports his family and even after having nothing at all how he still manages to smile.

Everyone believed that if people come out of their comfort zones and participate in large numbers, they will be able to bring out a change and spread happiness. A lot of efforts from everyone made “Daawat-e-Lala” a huge success in terms of number of people it served, accomplishing its objective and immeasurable happiness for both the street people and the volunteers!