Ashadan Visit

Date: April 05 2016 (Tuesday)
Venue: Missionaries of Charity, Sankli Street, Byculla West, Mumbai-400008
Time:  2 pm to 5 PM

Blood Donation Drive

Faculty members and 60 students visited Ashadan.  The visit turned out to be a successful one and had a mind blowing impact on all of us.

Asha Daan at Byculla has around 400 inmates including kids in the age group of 2 to 8, HIV+ women with their kids, destitute women and men.

The kids here are mostly physically and mentally challenged. The people who serve them are mostly from Bihar and Orissa, who had left their homes because of some problem or the other. There are around 12 nuns and rest all are supposed to be Orphans. The kids are absolutely challenged that they have to be fed all the meals for the day.

The students had raised the funds to buy things for the inmates. We had got food packets, stationery, and diapers for all ages, napkins, baby food, oil, toys, clothes, bags etc. The faculty members and the students themselves distributed the food packets to all the inmates of Ashadaan. We played games with the children. Few of them sat with the women and elderly people for a small chat. We all managed to bring a smile of most of the inmates.